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Home Emergency Kit Kindle
Kiplinger is a publisher of personal finance advice. Well-known for their lists of helpful ideas, Kiplinger’s is popular for its money management tools, calculators, columns, quizzes, slideshows and other educational and entertaining features.
One recent column was 14 Must-Have Items for Your Home Emergency Kit. Once you scroll through the ads (many, many ads), item #10 is a waterproof e-reader. The Kindle Paperwhite is specifically mentioned.
The reasoning is: Add some emergency-specific content. A first aid guide, survival guides, home repair guides, how-to manuals, recipe books, and road maps. You won’t be scrambling to find books — they’re all in one place — and you don’t need to worry about them getting wet, or torn.
If you needed an excuse to buy a new or another Kindle, you now have it. You’re welcome.


A Sad Book
Have you read a book that was just one tragedy after another? No sunshine, no hope and very little to be happy about?
I’m not going to mention a title or author. Here’s a short list of the events in a book I read recently:
• Hero was a doctor; his first wife and child died of scarlet fever
• Heroine’s mother died when she was a child
• Heroine’s doctor-father and others die in an accident in the mountains
• Heroine suffers broken thigh in accident; is found by recluse Hero
• Heroine insists they take scarlet fever vaccine to small village
• Find a family living in the mountains – husband dies from infection
• Hero, heroine, wife of couple and son continue trip to village
• Wife of couple develops chicken pox
• Son breaks his arm
• Hero goes alone to village but is lost in a snowstorm, found by villager just before death
• Hero and villagers return for women and boy
• Boy falls in deep ravine; heroine falls in trying to rescue boy
• Hero and villagers rescue them; the book ends
Perhaps the greatest tragedy was the time spent reading a book that had very little happiness.