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The Coffin Dancer: A Novel (Lincoln Rhyme Book 2) by Jeffery Deaver
Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey
The Splendour Falls by Susanna Kearsley
Trouble Next Door by Stefanie London
The Cabin by Natasha Preston
The Bones of Paris (Harris Stuyvesant #2) by Laurie R. King
The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris


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The Unkillable Kitty O’Kane – Historical fiction – $1.99; Audiobook $1.99 0 comments

When fiery and idealistic Kitty O’Kane escapes the crushing poverty of Dublin’s tenements, she’s determined that no one should ever suffer like she did. As she sets out to save the world, she finds herself at the forefront of events that shaped the early twentieth century. While working as a maid, she survives the sinking of the Titanic.
As a suffragette in New York’s Greenwich Village, she’s jailed for breaking storefront windows. And traveling war-torn Europe as a journalist, she’s at the Winter Palace when it’s stormed by the Bolsheviks. Ultimately she returns to her homeland to serve as a nurse in the Irish Civil War.
During Kitty’s remarkable journey, she reunites with her childhood sweetheart, Tom Doyle, but Tom doesn’t know everything about her past—a past that continues to haunt her. Will Kitty accept that before she can save everyone else, she needs to find a way to save herself? Or will the sins of her past stop her from pursuing her own happiness?
Buy this historical fiction novel for $1.99 today. Audiobook: $1.99.
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Dorchester Terrace – Charlotte and Thomas Pitt #27 – Historical mystery – $1.99 0 comments

Thomas Pitt is now the powerful head of Britain’s Special Branch, and some people fear that he may have been promoted beyond his abilities. His own self-doubt is fueled by rumors of a plot to blow up connections on the Dover-London rail line, on which Austrian duke Alois Habsburg is soon to travel. But why destroy an entire train to kill one obscure Austrian royal?
Meanwhile, in a London sickroom, an old Italian woman is terrified that as she sinks into dementia, she may divulge secrets from her career as a revolutionary spy. And behind the doors of a stately manor, a beautiful young Croatian woman hoards mysteries of her own.
Pitt and his clever wife, Charlotte, need these two fascinating women to tell them things they desperately need to know—before death and terror ignite an international catastrophe.
Buy this historical mystery for only $1.99 today.
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Skinny Legs and All – Mixes tomfoolery and philosophy – By Tom Robbins – $1.99 0 comments

An Arab and a Jew open a restaurant together across the street from the United Nations….
It sounds like the beginning of an ethnic joke, but it’s the axis around which spins this gutsy, fun-loving, and alarmingly provocative novel, in which a bean can philosophizes, a dessert spoon mystifies, a young waitress takes on the New York art world, and a rowdy redneck welder discovers the lost god of Palestine–while the illusions that obscure humanity’s view of the true universe fall away, one by one, like Salome’s veils.
Buy this novel today for only $1.99.
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Quick picks: Cozy mysteries – Just $1.99 each 0 comments

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The Tuscan Sun Cookbook: Recipes from Our Italian Kitchen – $1.99 0 comments

In all of Frances Mayes’s bestselling memoirs about Tuscany, food plays a starring role. This cuisine transports, comforts, entices, and speaks to the friendly, genuine, and improvisational spirit of Tuscan life. Both cooking and eating in Tuscany are natural pleasures.
In her first-ever cookbook, Frances and her husband, Ed, share recipes that they have enjoyed over the years as honorary Tuscans: dishes prepared in a simple, traditional kitchen using robust, honest ingredients.
Buy this cookbook for only $1.99 today.
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Fight Fat After Forty – Break the stress-fat cycle – $1.99 0 comments

It’s a fact: stress makes you fat. Renowned clinician and scientist Dr. Pamela Peeke goes beyond diet and exercise with a lifestyle program that shows women how to stop being diet “POWs” (“Prisoners Of Weight”) or victims of “Toxic Stress” and how to evolve into physically and mentally stress-resilient individuals.
Peeke helps women identify their stress-eating profiles (Are you a stress-overeater? A stress-undereater?) and explains that to remove weight, you have to lift weight. She explains what to eat and, equally as important, when to eat by navigating the afternoon “CortiZone,” the hours of highest vulnerability to stress eating.
Learn how to put it all together through the fine art of regrouping. Buy this book for $1.99 today.
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Healing Hearts – A Collection of Amish Romances – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Three hope-filled stories about second chances, trusting your heart, and the power of forgiveness. Buy it today for only 99 cents.
Healing Hearts: Empty-nesters Levina Lapp and her husband Naaman have no children under their roof for the first time in 30 years. When Naaman leaves to visit cousins in Ohio, Levina never expected him to be gone a year.
A Change of Heart: Leah is a writer in a community that does not encourage such fruitless endeavors. She lacks the skills necessary to be a good Amish fraa – cooking, cleaning, quilting, and gardening. Aaron is aware of Leah’s short-comings, but his heart is captured by this spirited young woman.
A Choice to Forgive: Lydia has loved two men in her life. Daniel, who disappeared one Christmas Eve long ago, leaving only a note saying he wanted to live in the Englisch world. And Elam, Daniel’s brother, to whom she had been happily married for 15 years.
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Quick picks: Two Detective Lottie Parker thrillers – Just 99 cents each; One audiobook $1.99 0 comments

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The Fortunate Pilgrim – Historical fiction by Mario Puzo – $1.99 0 comments

Lucia Santa came to New York from the mountain farms of Italy because she knew there had to be a better life. But what she finds in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen is a life to break a strong woman’s heart. Two tragic marriages, six children to support by herself, a fiery-hearted daughter who insists on living and loving as an American, an oldest son who gets involved with the mafia.
And through it all, Lucia Santa–wife, widow, mother, grandmother–endures as a woman of incomparable dignity, courage, and passion.
Buy this historical fiction novel for only $1.99 today.
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