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Kindle Daily Deal: The Post-Birthday World, Fool Me Twice and more 2 comments

NOTE: I despise Windows 8 – it is a VERY BAD system. This morning the system updated and has disabled my keyboard. This happened last week and I was able to restore to a previous version. I tried that again today and it restored to the version from last week that had the same issue. I’m hoping my husband can undo the damage later today.
All that to tell you that I cannot get to cover images from my back-up laptop. A must frustrating morning and I appreciate your patience!

The Post-Birthday World ($1.99 Audiobook $3.99) Kindle Book: American children’s book illustrator Irina McGovern enjoys a secure, settled life in London with her smart, loyal, disciplined partner, Lawrence—until the night she finds herself inexplicably drawn to kissing another man, a passionate, extravagant, top-ranked snooker player.
Fool Me Twice ($1.99 Audiobook $3.49) Kindle Romance: Running for her life, exhausted and out of options, Olivia Holladay wants nothing more than the chance to make a home for herself. So when she realizes that the infamous Duke of Marwick might hold the key to her freedom, she boldly disguises herself as the newest and bravest in a long line of the duke’s notoriously temperamental housekeepers.
Abraham Lincoln ($1.99 Audiobook $3.99) Kindle Non-Fiction: Marking the two-hundredth anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, this marvelous short biography by a leading historian offers an illuminating portrait of one of the giants in the American story. It is the best concise introduction to Lincoln in print, a must-have volume for anyone interested in American history or in our greatest president.
Frontlines Series ($1.99 each Audiobook $1.99 each) Kindle Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Today only purchase two books in the Front Line series by Marko Kloos for only $1.99 each.
There You’ll Find Me ($0.99 Audiobook $3.99) For teen readers: Finley Sinclair is not your typical eighteen-year-old. She’s witty, tough, and driven. With an upcoming interview at the Manhattan music conservatory, Finley needs to compose her audition piece. But her creativity disappeared with the death of her older brother, Will.
Shadow Blade (Free) App for Kindle Fire and Android: Kuro is a young man on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. He must seek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master.
The Heat of the Moon ($3.95) Audible Deal of the Day (price ends at 11:59pm Eastern): Young vet Rachel Goddard’s life changes one day when a child’s scream activates a long-forgotten memory from her own childhood. Fearing that nothing about her family is what it seems, Rachel begins a quest for answers.

Prices good today only until 11:59pm Pacific Time. Regular daily posts are below this post.

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Housekeeping: Summer Schedule; On-line Short Story and Words, words, words 4 comments

broom.panSummer Schedule
Finally we are enjoying summer weather and outdoor activities and Daily Cheap Reads is going to a summer schedule.
We will post the Daily Deals and 5-6 additional posts around 6:30am Central US time. The jr. edition will feature 1-2 posts each day in addition to the daily deal.
I’m frustrated by a couple of technical issues right now – Windows 8 updates that make my laptop useless and Amazon changing their images so that I can no longer access book covers to make posts. I am hopeful that I can find solutions quickly. If not, then I have to make tough decisions about the viability of the site.
Short Story On-Line Read
Have just a few minutes? “Mercy at Gettysburg,” by John Jakes is available to read on-line. A lost son, a vengeful father, and a rebel soldier are caught up in the saga of North vs. South. Read the story in just a couple of minutes here.
Words, Words, Words
Just a few phrases I’ve read in the last few weeks:
He was starch raving mad. Hmmmm – Light, medium or heavy starch raving mad?
Her voice went up an active. If you don’t know the word. . . . get active and look it up!
Eight years ago she left town riding on a greyhound. Here’s an image: a woman riding the racing dog sidesaddle.

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Brownies and Broomsticks: A Magical Bakery Mystery – Just $1.99 0 comments

Katie Lightfoot’s tired of loafing around as the assistant manager of an Ohio bakery. So when her aunt Lucy and uncle Ben open a bakery in Savannah’s quaint downtown district and ask Katie to join them, she enthusiastically agrees.
While working at the Honeybee Bakery—named after Lucy’s cat—Katie notices that her aunt is adding mysterious herbs to her recipes. Turns out these herbal enhancements aren’t just tasty—Aunt Lucy is a witch and her recipes are actually spells!
When a curmudgeonly customer is murdered outside the Honeybee Bakery, Uncle Ben becomes the prime suspect. With the help of handsome journalist Steve Dawes, charming firefighter Declan McCarthy, and a few spells, Katie and Aunt Lucy stir up some toil and trouble to clear Ben’s name and find the real killer..
Buy this cozy mystery today for $1.99. Audiobook: $3.99.
Click here to purchase Brownies and Broomsticks: A Magical Bakery Mystery

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The Truth About Love – New adult romance – $1.99 0 comments

After her testimony sent an innocent man to prison, law student Gina Blanchard vowed to spend her life righting that wrong. She passed up more prestigious opportunities to intern at a Tallahassee nonprofit dedicated to overturning wrongful convictions. But when she catches the eye of sexy green-eyed hunk Landon Vista, she realizes there’s room in her hardworking life for a little fun. Then she learns her newest case involves the man accused of murdering Landon’s mother…and possibly setting him free.
Buy this new adult romance today for only $1.99. Audiobook: $1.99.
Click here to purchase The Truth About Love

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Gaining Ground: A Story of Farmers’ Markets, Local Food, and Saving the Family Farm – $1.99 0 comments

One fateful day in 1996, upon discovering that five freight cars’ worth of glittering corn have reaped a tiny profit of $18.16, young Forrest Pritchard undertakes to save his family’s farm. What ensues—through hilarious encounters with all manner of livestock and colorful local characters—is a crash course in sustainable agriculture.
Pritchard’s biggest ally is his renegade father, who initially questions his career choice and eschews organic foods for sugary mainstream fare; but just when the farm starts to turn heads at local markets, his father’s health takes a turn for the worse.
With poetry and humor, this timely memoir tugs on the heartstrings and feeds the soul long after the last page is turned. Buy it today for $1.99.
Click here to purchase Gaining Ground

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Whispering – Historical romance – $1.99 – Today’s B&N price match 0 comments

When Caterina Gomez returns to her beloved home of Oporto, Portugal, her troubles have only just begun. For the country is at war with France, and, even though Oporto is no longer in French hands, it is a shadow of its former self. The scandalous cloud she left under is still not forgotten, and her cruel and distant father insists on a hasty marriage or the convent.
Half English and half Portuguese, she must walk a fine line between both societies, which is all made near impossible considering her troubled past.
This historical romance is selling for $1.99 today as it is the B&N price match.
Click here to purchase Whispering

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Free now: Fiction and non-fiction from a faith-based publisher 0 comments

Free now: Fiction and non-fiction from a faith-based publisher
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.

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Three quick picks: First in series of romantic suspense by Brenda Novak – $1.99 each 0 comments

Inside ($1.99 Audiobook $3.49) Virgil Skinner served fourteen years for a murder he didn’t commit. He’s finally been exonerated, but he can’t escape the gang he joined in order to survive. They’ll do anything to keep him from telling what he knows. And if they can’t get to Virgil they’ll go after his sister and her kids.
Dead Silence ($1.99) There’s a body buried behind a Mississippi farmhouse. Grace Montgomery knows who it is, and she knows why it happened. She was only thirteen the night it all went wrong. And now, like then, she has no choice but to keep her mouth shut.
White Heat ($1.99 Audiobook $3.49) A dangerous cult has recently taken over the desert ghost town of Paradise, Arizona. Members worship at the feet—and in the bed—of its charismatic leader, Ethan Wycliff, and obey his orders blindly. They’ve already tried to murder one woman and they’re implicated in the disappearance of another.

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Always in my Heart – Beach View Boarding House #5 – Family saga – $1.99 0 comments

As the Japanese begin their assault on Singapore, Sarah Fuller is forced to leave her parents and fiancé, Philip, behind. The long journey to England is fraught with danger, and Sarah and her sister Jane don’t even know if their great-aunt is alive, let alone waiting for them.
They arrive in Cliffehaven, on the south coast of England, and here Sarah must find work to support them both. When the Women’s Timber Corps takes over the local estate, Sarah enlists as a lumberjill.
But as time goes on and the news of events in Singapore worsen, Sarah fears she will never see Philip and her parents again…
Buy this family saga today for only $1.99.
Click here to purchase Always in my Heart

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Because We Are – A mesmerizing tale of a young girl’s search for justice in an unjust world – $1.99 0 comments

Ten-year-old orphan Libète has been hardened by the daily struggle to survive in Cité Soleil, Haiti’s most infamous slum. But when she and her best friend, Jak, discover a young mother and her baby brutally murdered in a nearby marsh, it’s unlike anything she’s encountered before. Though initially shocked, the adults of Cité Soleil move on quickly from the event; after all, death is commonplace in this community. Undaunted, Libète takes action with Jak in tow, plunging herself into a dangerous, far-reaching plot that will change her irrevocably and threaten everything she holds dear.
Because We Are is a profound and mesmerizing tale of a young girl’s search for justice in an unjust world, set against the vivid and tumultuous backdrop of modern-day Haiti. Buy this book for $1.99 today. Audiobook: $1.99.
Click here to purchase Because We Are

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