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Kindle Daily Deals: 50 Popular Romance Books $1.99 Each; Grandma Gatewood’s Walk and more 0 comments

50 Popular Romance Books ($1.99 each) Kindle Romance: Today only purchase 50 popular romance books for only $1.99 each. Audiobooks are also selling at reduced prices.
Grandma Gatewood’s Walk ($1.99) Kindle Non-Fiction : Emma Gatewood was the first woman to hike the entire Appalachian Trail alone, as well as the first person—man or woman—to walk it twice and three times and she did it all after the age of 65. This is the first and only biography of Grandma Gatewood, who became a hiking celebrity in the 1950s and ’60s.
Jellicoe Road ($1.99 Audiobook $1.99) For young/teen readers: Abandoned by her mother on Jellicoe Road when she was eleven, Taylor Markham, now seventeen, is finally being confronted with her past. But as the reluctant leader of her boarding school dorm, there isn’t a lot of time for introspection.
¡Imagínate! ($1.79) Hoy en Kindle Flash : La guerra de Secesión podía haber terminado para el resto del país, pero no para Kit Weston. Disfrazada de muchacho, viaja a Nueva York para matar a Baron Cain, el hombre que se interpone entre ella y Risen Glory, su querido hogar en Carolina del Sur.
Rayman Jungle Run (Free) App for Kindle Fire and Android: Rayman Jungle Run brings the fun of Ubisoft’s platformers to your Android device–with lots of new challenges and a sparkling, seamless playing experience.
The Innocent Ones ($3.95) Audible Deal of the Day (price ends at 11:59pm Eastern): Assistant District Attorney Beth Crawford and her sister, Jen, take a much needed vacation in Baja California, but the fun in the sun doesn’t last long when Jen disappears without a trace on the streets of Playa del Sol.
Prices good today only until 11:59pm Pacific Time. Regular daily posts are below this post.

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You may be eligible for a $10 credit when you buy a $50 gift card 2 comments

Follow this link to learn if you are eligible for a $10 credit when you buy $50 gift card.
The offer is good for some people (two of my friends) and not for others (my sibling and me). Offer expires August 31.
The credit will be posted to your account in September and must be used by September 30. We all know it is easy to buy $10 of Kindle books in a month.
My suggestion is that you buy the email gift card and send it to yourself to get the maximum use of the $50. A friend who did complete the transaction said that when he clicked on it again, it looked like he could buy another $50 card and get another $10 credit.
If you aren’t eligible, you get this in-your-face notice on the screen:

Thank you for your interest in Gift Cards.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.

Good luck and I hope every one is eligible for the gift card. Also, send your friends to this post for them to see if they are eligible.

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Dead Man Stalking – Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series # 5 by Karen Kantwell – Only 99 cents 0 comments

When Howard and the girls leave town, Barb thinks she’ll have some quiet, peaceful alone time. Of course, this is calamity-prone Barbara Marr. Her life doesn’t know quiet or peaceful. And forget alone. With her air conditioning on the fritz, Barb accepts an invitation from a famous thriller writer to spend a few days in a cool and comfortable lakeside house. There is just one problem: the house has a few odd characters lurking about. They aren’t after Barb, but that doesn’t stop her from becoming outrageously tangled in the lunacy and danger than ensues.
In this fifth installment of the Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series, Barb finds herself fumbling through another laugh-out-loud caper while making some new and interesting friends along the way. You can buy this just-released cozy for only 99 cents this weekend.
Click here to purchase Dead Man Stalking
Take the Monkeys and Run, the first Barbara Marr murder mystery is free today.

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200 Kindle Books, $1.99 Each – Now through September 8 2 comments

Now through September 8, you can purchase 200 Kindle Books for just $1.99 each.
Selections include romances, mysteries, paranormal and Westerns. All books are sold through Amazon imprints.
I would call this a “blind date” sale. Very few of the 200 books have customer reviews. Finding a great read is going to take a bit of work.
Three popular titles are:

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McCarthys of Gansett Island Boxed Set – Contemporary romance by Maria Force – Only 99 cents 0 comments

With more than 1.5 million ebooks sold since Maid for Love debuted in 2011, bestselling McCarthys of Gansett Island Series has become one of the most beloved romance series available today. Read the first three books in the series: Maid for Love, Fool for Love and Ready for Love in this special offering selling for only 99 cents today.
Maid for Love: Maddie Chester is determined to leave her hometown of Gansett Island. Then she’s knocked off her bike on the way to her housekeeping job at McCarthy’s Resort Hotel by Gansett’s “favorite son,” Mac McCarthy. When Mac accidentally sends Maddie flying over the handlebars, badly injuring her, he moves in to nurse her back to health and help care for her young son.
Fool for Love: Joe Cantrell, owner of the Gansett Island Ferry Company, has been in love with Janey McCarthy for as long as he can remember. At the same time, Janey has been dating or engaged to doctor-in-training David Lawrence. When things go horribly wrong between David and Janey, she calls Joe.
Janey decides a few days with Joe is just what she needs before she goes home to the island to face her parents and family with the news of her broken engagement. Will he take advantage of this opportunity to show her what they could have together?
Ready for Love: For four of the best summers of his young life, Luke Harris was in love with Sydney Donovan. Then Sydney went off to college and never came back. She married another man and had two children while Luke remained on the island, working at McCarthy’s Gansett Marina.
Fifteen months after Sydney suffers the tragic loss of her husband and children, she’s returned to Gansett to figure out what’s next, and that may very well be a rekindled love affair with the one man from her past she’s never forgotten. But is she ready for a second chance at love?
Click here to purchase McCarthys of Gansett Island Boxed Set

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Blood from Stone – A twisting tale of suspense – $2.99 0 comments

When the body of a successful criminal lawyer is found outside a chic London hotel, it looks like a suicide. For those who knew her, the woman’s death is a shock—Marianne Shearer was at the pinnacle of her career, wealthy and stylish—but for the police, the case is open-and-shut.
There’s something strange about the circumstances, though, something that prompts her colleague Peter Friel to dig deeper. Little by little, he discovers that things are not as they seem. In her final days, Marianne appears to have left a series of small, almost imperceptible clues—clues that point to a far more sinister truth.
Buy this crime thriller for $2.99 today.
Click here to purchase Blood from Stone

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Friend Like Henry: The Remarkable True Story of an Autistic Boy and the Dog That Unlocked His World – $2.99 0 comments

When Jamie and Nuala Gardner chose a puppy for their son, Dale, they weren’t an ordinary family choosing an ordinary pet. Dale’s autism was so severe that the smallest deviation from his routine could provoke a terrifying tantrum.
Family life was almost destroyed by his condition, and his parents spent most of their waking hours trying to break into their son’s autistic world and give him the help he so desperately needed.
But after years of constant effort and slow progress, the Gardners’ lives were transformed when they welcomed a new member into the family, Henry, a gorgeous golden retriever puppy. The bond between Dale and his dog would change their lives …
The remarkable true story of an autistic boy and the dog that unlocked his world, Friend Like Henry is selling for $2.99 today.
Click here to purchase Friend Like Henry

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Knit to Flatter: The only instructions you’ll ever need to knit sweaters that make you look good and feel great! – $3.99 0 comments

Knit to Flatter is about celebrating the body you have been given and creating sweaters that make you look and feel great. Part instruction manual and part pattern collection, Knit to Flatter teaches you how to assess your shape–top-heavy, bottom-heavy, or proportional–and then knit accordingly.
With a great sense of fun and acceptance, Amy Herzog presents silhouettes and styles that work with each body shape, along with four ideal sweater patterns per category. She then provides patterns for 10 more sweaters with guidelines for customizing, so they can be tailored to flatter. Each pattern is written in up to 10 sizes, and the garments are photographed on models with genuine curves. No smoke and mirrors here. Just real beauty! Buy this book of fashion advice and patterns for $3.99 and be ready for winter knitting.
Click here to purchase Knit to Flatter

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Establishment by Howard Fast – She’ll stand up for her family, no matter the cost – Historical fiction – $2.99 0 comments

Former socialite Barbara Lavette is unconcerned about the gossip that surrounds her new marriage. However, her husband Bernie, a poor mechanic whom she met in the midst of World War II, is willing to do anything to prove his worth to her as well as the society that shuns him.
Barbara will support her husband in any way she can, but when she becomes the victim of an attack by the Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities, she is forced to stand trial. Caught in a Communist witch hunt, Barbara must do whatever it takes to defend her values, clear her name, and find a way to reunite her family.
The third book in Howard Fast’s epic family saga, The Establishment follows the Lavette family as they attempt to persevere in a nation consumed with fear during the tumultuous period following World War II. Buy this novel today for $2.99.
Click here to purchase Establishment

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The McAllister Men: Rainbow Rock Romances – Three romances for only 99 cents 0 comments

Come to Rainbow Rock, Arizona to meet the McAllister Men—Jim, Kurt and Chris. This three-book bundle is selling for only 99 cents today.
Jim McAllister has worked hard to become a qualified and respected dealer in Navajo and Hopi art, yet professional success hasn’t given him what he wants most—a love and family of his own. Meg Taylor has a fear of emotional intimacy and
a grudge against the town that mistreated her when she was the principal’s daughter. Meg returns to help a friend and is startled to find that “Little Jimmy” has become one of the most attractive men she has ever met.
Kurt McAllister has everything going for him. So why is he discontent? Alexa Babbidge has just earned her first great break as a screenwriter. Kurt and Alexa have differing ideas about what constitutes success and their differences may be too great to bridge. So why are they so drawn to one another?
Chris McAllister is a healthy bachelor looking for some good times and some help on his pig farm. What he isn’t expecting and doesn’t want is romantic complications. Behind her composure and professional demeanor, pretty veterinarian Sarah McGill is hiding deeply painful personal secrets. When a project for the Navajo Nation throws them together, they must decide whether they can risk making promises they may not be able to keep.
Click here to purchase The McAllister Men: Rainbow Rock Romances

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