Audible Responds
A couple of weeks ago I posted about my unhappiness with Audible for raising the prices on titles that were great deals because I had also bought the Kindle Version. I had chatted with a care rep, but had not received a reply.
Yesterday I sent an email through Audible’s Contact Us page. I recounted how I had fallen in love with listening to books and that I often purchased the Kindle version to get the audiobook. I mentioned my very long wish list and my habit of buying 10-15 titles at a time.
I went on to express my disappointment with the price increase and how the change was prompting me to reconsider my yearly membership to Audible.
To close the email I reminded them of Amazon’s argument to publishers that lower prices mean more sales that will mean more profit in the long run. Isn’t it ironic that Amazon didn’t apply that argument to their own products?
The reply came back within a few hours:

Thank you for contacting Audible!
We care about bringing you the best audiobook experiences by investing in innovative technologies like Whispersync for Voice, while still offering fair compensation to our authors, too. Tens of thousands of titles in the Whispersync for Voice catalog are priced at $2 or less, and no Whispersync titles cost more than $12.99.
We are sorry to know that you are not happy regarding the higher price and we’d like to inform you that our business team is working on it as we received many of our customer’s [sic] feedback on this issue. We value your business and hope you’ll give us an opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you in the future.
As soon as your request becomes available, we will definitely let you know about this through our website. Our priority is to ensure that your Audible experience is exceedingly positive.
For the inconvenience we have applied the promotional credit of $10.00 to your account, this promo balance will be applied automatically on your next purchase.