We are posting a bonus Housekeeping this week, but if we get busy shopping, wrapping presents, preparing for out-of-town guests, decorating, making candy and cookies, hiding candy and cookies, and the daily routine of life, this may be the only Housekeeping post this week.
Credit where credit is due
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How’s Your Fire?
A software update is in store for the Kindle Fire, the tablet Amazon launched in November.
The over-the-air update will address privacy issues and other bugs such as sluggish navigation, according to an article on CNET. Some users have had trouble accessing Wi-Fi networks, slow and erratic scrolling and inefficient apps.
The Kindle Fire is estimated to have sold more than 2 million units.
I’ve been having fun figuring out the Fire, despite disappointments with the ability to stream video. I’d chalked the problems up to my wireless internet, but I’d be thrilled if this update remedies the problem. It’s expected to be released within two weeks.
The Big Deal Sale – Just a few days and it’s over
Big Deal Sale has hundreds of books for 99 cents, $1.99, $2.99 and $3.99. The sale ends December 23 and some books may not be available in all geographical regions. The three books below are selling for 99 cents each:

Games and Active Content Sale through January 2
The price on the 25 Best Kindle Games & Active Content of 2011 has been reduced to 99 cents each through January 2. Before buying, confirm that the game or active content is available on your Kindle device. Not all games play on all devices. Three popular games are below: