For many years I have been an accountant. The past 25 years I have worked for a telecommunications company. The company was recently acquired and the way of doing things has changed. My daily work has been in a state of upheaval for months. I’m not concerned I will lose my job; but rather that the volume of work is going to bury me.
I will continue to work the job as long as I enjoy it or become eligible for Medicare – whichever one comes first. My plan is to retire and read, read, read when I’m not listening to audiobooks.
This site has been a blessing for eleven years and eleven days. I will miss all of you even though we have not met in person. Your words of encouragement, stopping by day after day for years and giving your support to an amateur blogger who started with zero experience have buoyed me through the years.
I end this website with sadness while looking forward to the next adventure that awaits. I pray that God will bless each of you richly as you have blessed me through the years. May you continue to find great reads at great prices and pass from this life with a book or a Kindle in your hands.