A very happy Mother’s Day to every mother. Thank you for every big and little thing you do. Thank you for choosing life.
My sweet mother was a reader and she read to us when we were young children. Way back when my older brother Jerry and I were pre-schoolers, Mom read to us in the early afternoons while our three older siblings were in grade school. Story time was the best part of the day and I loved nestling in her lap and helping turn the pages.
She read stories from the Book of Knowledge 20-volume set and a book titled Beautiful Bible Stories for Children. She also recited poetry she had learned in her youth. I can still hear her voice when I think of one of my favorites:

The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —
Of cabbages — and kings —
And why the sea is boiling hot —
And whether pigs have wings.’

Happy Mothers Day!

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