Amazon without Jeff Bezos
On Tuesday Amazon announced that Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO, remaining with the company as the executive chairman. Andy Jassy, currently head of Amazon Web Services, will assume the CEO position sometime later this year.
Mr. Bezos has stated that he wants time for his “other passions.” In an e-mail to Amazon employees he mentioned the Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin and The Washington Post particularly. If you have read about his personal life, the expression “other passions” may include more than his charitable and business concerns.
I don’t expect much to change at Amazon. As a good friend said, “Bezos hasn’t been engaged for probably eight or more years.” Time will tell if the new CEO will bring a new age of innovation or if the company will continue to automate the business with artificial intelligence and bots.


Love is in the air
Publishers are slashing prices on romances novels before Valentine’s Day (a week from Sunday). We don’t want to site to go all girly-girl with romances wall-to-wall. We will be posting more than normal in the coming 10 days to feature as many deals as possible. If you are an anti-Valentine person, we ask you to give us grace. This too shall pass.


Footballs will be in the air, too!
We live in the great state of Missouri and the Kansas City Chiefs are a bright spot this sports season. If you haven’t chosen a favorite for the Big Game, please root for the team from a small market with a dazzling young quarterback.
The grocery store ads are filled with deals on chips, crackers, cheese, chicken wings, brats, cookies, brownies – all the decadent goodies for a 4-hour grazing period. Some folks look forward to the game. I tend to find the food more interesting.