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In this exclusive ebook-only bundle, The Beiler Sisters 3-in-1 follows the three Beiler sisters and their Englisha neighbor Debbie as they journey through love, loss, and life-altering decisions. Buy this bundle for $1.99 today.
Debbie Watson grew up admiring her Amish friends’ lifestyle, beliefs, and family. As she graduates from college, Debbie decides to convert to the Amish faith and moves in with Bishop Beiler and his family. Meanwhile, Lois Beiler is considering jumping the fence to become Englisha. Her sisters, Verna and Ida, each long for lasting love in their community, but will their relationships only end in heartbreak? And which Amish suitor will capture Debbie’s heart—charming Paul, hardworking Alvin, or someone else entirely?
Enjoy the three full-length novels contained in this trilogy:
• Holding a Tender Heart
• Seeing Your Face Again
• Finding Love at Home
Come join the community in Snyder County, Pennsylvania, to see love at work and faith in action with The Beiler Sisters!
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