Give Me a Cover!
Last week I wrote of my frustration with the default device being overwritten with MY KINDLE LIBRARY. This week I’m complaining about the downloads to my Voyage. Book covers for new downloads were no longer appearing. Instead a generic book shape with title and author was displayed.
I searched the web for answers and found it is a common problem. One solution was to download software and perform techy things. I immediately rejected that idea.
The solution that worked for me was to reset my Kindle back to factory settings. I copied the names of the book that were downloaded on my Voyage so I could reload after the reset. The negative of this solution is that the date of the registration of the device is set to the current date.


Love Christmas Books!
I’ll admit to loving Christmas books – romances, mysteries, historicals, family fiction, children’s books. I cannot consume all that I want during the holiday season.
I’ve been posting multiple Christmas titles the last few weeks as publishers are slashing the prices to entice us to buy more. With a 4-6 week optimum sales window, they are competing for our patronage. Now is the time to fill your Kindle library. The books below are only 99 cents each.