Ever Thankful
Who could have imagined 2020 when we celebrated Thanksgiving a year ago? As challenging as the times have been and may be in the near future, we have many reasons to be thankful.
• Writers and editors continue to release gripping and compelling novels, thorough biographies and histories and self-help tomes.
• Talented narrators are producing audiobooks in record numbers.
• When the pandemic came, Amazon had stream-lined logistics in place to meet the world’s needs and fulfilled record-breaking order numbers as efficiently as possible.
• The internet has eased the isolation of quarantine, sheltering-in-place and separation from loved ones.
• In all the world’s uncertainty, God is on His throne and is not surprised by the events that unfold. We are ever thankful.


Susie’s Thanksgiving Memory
We always celebrated Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. I remember one year she had the table set with her dogwood china (Grandma always had it together!) and on each plate were seven pieces of candy corn to represent the daily rations for the pilgrims their first winter. A reminder that Thanksgiving’s true roots were not in abundance but in endurance. This year, I am thankful for things that once seemed insignificant – to share a meal with family, a long conversation with a friend, freedom to worship, the breath to start a new day and most of all, the love of God that sustains us. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving and God’s blessings to you and your family.