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Whether they walk, or are wheeled, or are carried in, every person in the ER has a unique story to tell. And every one of them needs an angel.
Bestselling author Robert Lesslie invites you to experience the heart-pounding drama he’s witnessed firsthand during his 30-plus years as an ER doctor. Go on call with Dr. Lesslie and encounter
• an unusual injury that puts two burly bikers flat on their backs
• a resilient cancer patient with an indomitable spirit
• a doctor’s mixed emotions over a young woman’s tragic overdose
• a medical instructor’s unforgettable lesson on the importance of observation
• a pair of overzealous caregivers who give an elderly man the scare of a lifetime
In these touching true stories (and many more), you’ll discover that angels come in many forms, sent by a caring God who is always on call when you need Him most.
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