Sweet Audible Deal
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Audible is offering a sweet deal for Prime Day – two years of Audible Premium Plus membership for $99.50/year (saving $50 a year). With this membership, you receive 12 credits immediately, access to the Audible Plus catalog to listen to thousands of titles free, access to members only sales and the daily deals. If you aren’t a member, go here to see the deal.

If you are an Audible member, you can get the deal, too. I started a chat session with a rep to ask about it.
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I have been a loyal member of Audible for years. I see there is a deal where new members can get 2 years of Audible membership for $99.50/year for 2 years. May I get that deal too? I would love to get a sweet deal like that!
09:42 AM PDT (Audible): Thank you for contacting Audible. My name is Xxxxx, I can certainly look into this for you.
09:43 AM PDT Xxxxx: Hi, Paula. Thank you very much for being a loyal listener with our service. We really really appreciate you. And thank you so much for showing interest with our new promotion.
09:44 AM PDT Xxxxx: You are correct that we are offering $99.50 which is good for a whole year and what you can get is 12 credits plus the membership benefits.

At this point I sent the link from Audible and the customer support rep checked to see if he could give me the 2-year deal. I also spent a bit of time emphasizing that this is a 2-year deal.
09:56 AM PDT Xxxxx: Sure. I can definitely enrolled (sic) you to that one and your next billing cycle will be on October 2021.
09:57 AM PDT Paula: Wonderful! Thank you for doing this! I will remain loyal to Audible with this special promotion you have extended to me.
09:58 AM PDT Xxxxx: Thank you so much for being a loyal listener. We really appreciate you.

My usual membership renewed in August and with this deal, I now have 24 credits. I’m hoping Audible has a 2-for-1 or 2-for-3 sale soon. Or I just might use them on a few Christmas novels.
A year from now if the renewal isn’t $99.50, I’ll be contacting Audible again and sharing the transcript of the call.
If you want this deal, I hope you are successful!