Customer service above and beyond
As you know I’ve come to love audiobooks. I listen while working on this site, exercising, preparing meals, commuting and just about every other opportunity I find.
My library is ridiculously large. Probably 10% of the titles are less than three hours and I’ve listened to more than 800 of the other books.
A year and a half ago a discount site began selling great audiobooks at great prices – The site doesn’t require a subscription and they tell you when the deal ends. Some audiobooks are as low as 99 cents. I tend to purchase books priced $3.99 – $5.99 – a significant savings over
I use the Chirp app on my phone and loved it. Well, loved it right up until September 17th. Chirp tech support updated the app that stopped it dead in its tracks. After uninstalling and reloading the app several times, rebooting my phone, doing the install/uninstall dance a few more times, waiting a couple of days, trying again, confirming the right version of Android and more, I was frustrated. I sent an email to Chirp support.
Yesterday a very kind woman named Grace sent an email telling me that this was a known issue and that the app developers were working day and night to resolve it. To apologize for the inconvenience, Grace refunded my last three purchases. She didn’t mean the last three audiobooks I bought, she meant the last three carts of audiobooks. The total credit was $106 for 27 books. THAT’S customer service.
If you haven’t giving Chirp a look-see and you want to buy audiobooks at great prices, click here. I am not an affiliate of Chirpbooks.