Audible’s Possible Mistake
Two weeks ago Audible announced a re-structuring of their subscription service to include streaming of many free books. With this change, the two free Audible originals per month ended. This wasn’t a big loss as those short listens are in the new Audible Plus catalog for free.
I looked through the streaming selections and noticed the romance category was weak with few popular authors. I assumed that Audible didn’t add but a few romances because the Audible Escape subscription was available for those who wanted only that genre.
Today I received this notice:

First, we’re saying hello to the new Plus Catalog included with your Audible membership (now called Audible Premium Plus), which gives you access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, originals, and moreā€”no credits needed. All available to stream or download.
And we’re also saying goodbye. Starting November 1, Audible Escape will no longer be available. You can now listen all you want to all kinds of stories with the Plus Catalog.


I searched on the web and Audible Escape customers are livid. Audible customer support has stated that 800 romance titles will be added to Audible Plus. Compare that to Audible Escape with 10,000 titles.
Petitions are being circulated; complaints are being filed and tweets are flying.
I believe Audible will lose customers over this move. Those who love to listen to romance won’t be happy when the options are only little known authors and formulaic novels.