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For countless generations the sword had been kept hidden, ready for a time of need. But not hidden well enough, because in 1937 it vanished…
1941 – twelve SS generals gather to re-enact an ancient rite and call on the spirits of Europe’s mightiest warriors to aid them in the coming battle in the East. At the heart of the ritual is Excalibur, the mythical weapon pulled from a stone by King Arthur.
2010 – Art recovery expert Jamie Saintclair laughs when he reads the codex to a German war veteran’s will, the strange ritual it describes and the mention of a sword named Excalibur. But collector Adam Steele is convinced – and if Jamie can find the legendary sword, he will pay a small fortune for it.
With a team of international assassins on his trail, the hunt for Excalibur takes Jamie from Germany to eastern Poland and a deadly encounter in Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair…
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