When you need eyeglasses
Last winter I visited my optometrist as reading and computer work were causing eyestrain and frustration. I have worn multifocal contacts for decades and love them. Sadly the doctor told me that he is unable to get a pair that would satisfy my needs for distance and close work. Multifocal contacts are limited in how wide the range can be.
I settled for a pair of contacts that work for distance and add a pair of reading glasses for close work. I vowed to never be like my father who had only one pair of reading glasses. We children spent hours looking for his misplaced “cheaters.”
Perhaps extreme, I have three pair of readers in my purse, two pair in the kitchen, a pair on the nightstand, two or three pair at my work desk, two pair on the end table in the den, a pair in the bathroom, a spare pair in the laptop bag and a pair in the car I drive most.
Even with all those I do not have a pair of Echo Frames.
After watching this video I don’t think I want a pair. But then again maybe I could talk myself into giving them a whirl.
I requested an invitation here. I’ll let you know if I’m successful. If you complete the form and are successful, please tell us.
Maybe I should wait until other colors are available.
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