Still not ready for Prime Day
Amazon has announced that Amazon Prime Day has been tentatively set for the week of October 5, subject to change as the national health situation changes.
Amazon sited increased demand for essential items during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as keeping their employees safe as reasons for the delay.


Prime Members double dip in July
In July, Prime members get early access to two Kindle books free and only $1.99 each for everyone else. Audiobooks are only $1.99 each when you download the Kindle book.
Choose from:
Trust No One by Debra Webb
Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing by Allison Winn Scotch
Her Final Words by Brianna Labuskes
Across the Winding River by Aimie K. Runyan
The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis
The Son and Heir by Alexander Münninghoff
White Out by Danielle Girard
Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten by Laura Purdie Salas
Tomboyland by Melissa Faliveno