Ad Overload
Searching for books in the Kindle Store has become frustrating. In recent months Amazon has increased sponsored ads. When you search by a title or author name, in addition to 16 books that apply to the search criteria, the first page includes six paid ads that may or may not be related to your search criteria. A large paid banner ad may also be displayed at the top of the page.
In the example below where I asked for books by John Grisham, the first six pages of search results included paid ads.
This aggressive marketing does not prompt me to buy. It’s promotional clutter that slows down finding the books I really want. Have you seen these advertisements? How do you feel about them?
Summer Sale
Amazon is hosting a Fashion Summer Sale Event later this month on June 22. The event is intended to jump-start excitement and sales post-pandemic. Only those who receive an invitation will be able to buy during this 7-10 day shopping spree.
If you aren’t invited to this event, Prime Day 2020 is coming in September – which is invitation only for Prime members. Amazon is becoming quite exclusive.


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