Just no appetite!
Book sales in recent months have shown that the reading public is taking a pass on dystopian novels.
Sales of the popular genre had grown since the last presidential election. Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments was a best-seller last fall; sales have plummeted since the coronavirus outbreak.
Adults are mostly reading light and escapism fiction including romantic comedies, family dramas and historical fiction. People want to read uplifting books over dark thrillers and tear-jerkers.
Also popular are non-fiction books about historic plagues through the ages. One editor did caution authors not to write about coronavirus just yet. There’s just no appetite.


‘Tis the Season of Postponements
Weddings, sports leagues and vacations aren’t the only events facing rescheduling. Amazon announced that the popular July sale known as Prime Day has been postponed until September 14.
The pandemic has caused a surge in online orders which has strained Amazon’s warehouses and staff. For weeks during the peak demand period Amazon halted deliveries of non-essential items. Unlimited deliveries are now being accepted so the warehouses will be bursting at the seams by September.
I’m thinking that Prime Day may be presented differently this year. It’s time to shake it up anyway.