In the last two weeks several states have loosened restrictions and are allowing businesses and other entities to open to the public while still practicing social distancing and other recommended protocols.
My question is this: How do libraries ensure the safety of the public and their staff?
The Northeast Document Conservation Center advises libraries to quarantine returned books for 24-48 hours before recirculating. The wait time for a high-demand book will be extended considerably.
What about newspapers and periodicals? Will those be pulled from a common area? Does the library keep these items behind the desk and then quarantine them for 24-48 hours after the patrons returns them?
Should a staff member follow behind every person and pull any book that is touched?
What if a patron tries to sanitize a book and ruins it?
What is the future of today’s library?
Let me know your ideas and if you have or will soon return to the library.


Audible’s Ongoing 2-for-1 Deal
Audible recently announced a 2-audiobooks-for-1 credit sale for members. Users immediately noticed an oddity with this sale. It wasn’t ending for several months.
Audible announced that the promotion will run continuously and doesn’t have an end date. Every 2-3 weeks titles included in the deal will be replaced with new selections. This makes Audible membership even sweeter that your credits will give you even more great listens. Sign up here for Audible membership.
Current titles in the deal include:
Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard T. Kiyosaki
Four books in Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
And many more titles – more than 100 titles available now