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Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury weaves a powerful story of a young couple whose love must face the ultimate challenge. This two-novel set is selling for $1.99.
A Thousand Tomorrows: Cody Gunner has no use for real love. He swears he will never allow himself to love again. Ali Daniels denies love as well. Carrying a terrible secret, she lives life to the fullest. When Cody and Ali meet, their first instincts are to hide behind their emotional walls. But their attraction is too strong, and soon they’re doomed in another way.
Just Beyond the Clouds: Still aching over his wife’s death, Cody Gunner can’t bear the thought of also letting go of his Down Syndrome brother, Carl Joseph. Cody wants his brother home. So when Carl Joseph’s teacher, Elle, begins championing his independence, she finds herself at odds with Cody. But even as these two battle it out, they can’t deny the instinctive connection they share, and Cody faces a crisis of the heart.
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