Grammar Police cringe
Every week I read many book blurbs. Some are verbose; some are intriguing, some are just right. Then I read one that has a glaring error and I cringe.
I know that my website is not error free. Every evening and morning I work to put together these posts. Occasionally I’m pulling it together at the last minute. Other times I’m making posts while sitting in a hospital room, riding in a car or some other far-from-ideal location.
Book blurbs should be proof-read so many times that any mistake is found. See if you can find the errors in these two examples.


Cool new feature at Amazon
Have you noticed the new feature on Amazon that tells you if you have already purchased a book? I often look down the webpage on any Kindle book to view the books in the Customers who bought this item also bought section.
Amazon now shows you when you purchased a book in the list. The drawback is that only books bought since March 1, 2020, are showing the purchase month. Maybe other months will be labeled soon.