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In this two-book collection, bestselling author Andy Andrews introduces readers to Orange Beach, Alabama, is a simple town filled with simple people. But like all humans on the planet, the good folks of Orange Beach have their share of problems as well as the many other obstacles that life seems to dish out to the masses.
Fortunately in The Noticer, when things look the darkest, a mysterious man named Jones has a miraculous way of showing up. An elderly man with white hair, of indiscriminate age and race, wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt and leather flip flops carrying a battered old suitcase, Jones is a unique soul. Communicating what he calls “a little perspective,” he explains that he has been given a gift of noticing things that others miss. “Your time on this earth is a gift to be used wisely,” he says. “Don’t squander your words or your thoughts.”
Jones speaks to that part in everyone that is yearning to understand why things happen and what we can do about it.
As the story continues to unfold in The Noticer Returns, Jones uses his unique talent of noticing little things that make a big difference.
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