A Family Book Club?
HarperCollins published an article suggesting that now is a great time to start a family book club, giving five compelling reasons to bring together the relatives to choose a book and have it read by this time next week.
Read the article 5 Reasons You Should Start A Family Book Club Right Now and send out that text or email to the fam.


My Fam Idea
Our family on my father’s side has a family reunion in March each year – until this year. I suggested to my sister that we needed to start a Facebook page, invite family members, upload vintage photographs and ask everyone to post an update of their lives. The response has been wonderful and many of the younger members of the family are following the page.
Our virtual family reunion is lasting long after our usual meeting on a Sunday afternoon.

Popular in Your Birth Year

Southern Living magazine posted a slideshow of the most popular book every year from 1920 to 2018. Check it out to see what everyone was reading in your birth year here. If you don’t want to go through the slideshow, scroll down the page to see the list.