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125 Books We Love
As part of their year-long 125th anniversary celebration, the New York Public Library released their list of 125 books they love. Included are many classics and four graphic novels but no real surprises.
Feel free to check out The New York Public Library’s 125 Books We Love.
NYPL also has a daily email featuring their book of the day. I’ve been receiving it for several weeks and have not a recognized book yet. If your mailbox isn’t full enough, you can sign-up here. You will need to select a favorite library location. The very last location in the list is “None” for those of us who live outside the NYC area.


Wearable Alexa
One of the latest buzzwords for electronic devices is wearables. Apple watch was one of the first widely available tech devices that customers wear. Phones seemingly attached to teenagers’ hands don’t qualify for the label.
Amazon has announced the Echo Loop, a smart ring with Alexa – their wearable tech device.
The webpage says that it is available by invitation only with a price of $129.99. After the introductory period, the price increases to $179.99.
The Loop will be quite the device:
• Keep Alexa on hand – This smart ring is your shortcut to quick calls, fast answers, and bits of info that help you stay on top of your day.
• Help is just a click away – Ask Alexa to set reminders, add to lists, and control compatible smart home devices on the go.
• Made for real life – Echo Loop is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and has an all-day battery.
• Designed to protect your privacy – Wake up Alexa by clicking the action button.
I clicked to request an invitation and received this reply. I’ll let you know if I’m selected to be one of the first to have a Loop! If you request an invitation and are chosen, please let us know.