Captions Case Ends
I have written about the Captions dispute between Audible and publishers. A settlement has been reached.
According to a court filing Audible has agreed not to include the copyrighted works of the seven plaintiff publishers in its Captions program unless express permission has been given. Only the seven publishers are covered by the injunction but the language of the settlement seems to protect the membership of the Association of American Publishers.
Sources at Audible have reported that the company has no plans at this time to take the Captions program beyond its pilot of public domain titles for students.


Weather Delays
I’ve seen this warning over the past four-six weeks as we have had periods of ice, snow and dense fog in our area. While I enjoy the next day or two-day delivery as a Prime member, nothing I order is worth risking the safety of personnel, vehicles and equipment.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Beethoven
Celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven 250th birthday! Prime members can listen to his major works as well as rarities on Amazon Music, all performed by renowned orchestras and players from around the globe.
Check out the playlists, concertos and symphonies here.