Free Audible Pre-Orders
Audible members can pre-order all six February Audible Originals free. These selections are usually free until February 1 when they are released.
Cut and Run
Alone with the Stars
Malcolm and Me
Break Shot


Captions Update
Last September I wrote about Captions – a unique listening experience created by Audible.
Captions displays text on the screen while the audiobook is read and the listener does not have to possess the ebook. Large publishers (the ones with enough cash to have lawyers on staff and/or retainer) sued Audible, stating the technology violates copyright law.
Earlier this month Audible filed a document with the court that an agreement had been reached. No other details were released but Audible stated that they expected to file the settlement documents on January 21.
I searched the internet but was unable to find a news story confirming that the filing had been completed. I will report when additional news is released.
Check out the technology by watching a demonstration here.