Audible Membership Deal
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Try this adddress:
UPDATE: No longer available! Audible is offering a sweet deal for new members. You can save $50 on annual membership, paying just $99.50. The good news is that the 12 credits are available immediately. Go here to get the deal.
Folks on the Audible community on Reddit stated that members can also get this deal. They contacted Audible customer service, made a request and were given the special price.
Now is a great time to be an Audible member as it is their annual Daily Deal Rewind Sale through January 21. More than 300 titles are selling for $5.95 each.


Popular Authors
The Wall Street Journal published a paywall article that discussed popular authors who have large followings but diminishing sales and are now publishing under Amazon’s imprints.
Dean Koontz’ The Night Window sold only 40,000 copies during the first 13 weeks after its May 2019 release. Patricia Cornwell was also mentioned as an author who now publishes with Amazon.
These popular authors may not be the great wins that Amazon had hoped.