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Convenience Store Shopping
While traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, my husband and I spent longer than anticipated at a convenience store. I wandered around the short aisles, stopping at the gift card display. Much to my surprise it included a card for Audible.
I occasionally peruse these types of displays, but had never seen an Audible card. I purchased one for $30.

Good news is that to buy an Audible gift card you do not need to lock your keys in the pickup and spend 20 minutes wandering through a convenience store waiting for the tow truck.
The Audible Gift Card is available through Amazon. With it you receive either three months of membership or three book credits if you are already an Audible member.

The accountant in me quickly realized that this option is cheaper than buying a membership through Audible. If you buy month to month, the price is $14.95/month. I pay once annually for $149.95 – which is $12.50/month. This card brings the price to only $10/month.
When an Audible non-member redeems the gift card, credits are received once each month for three months. During that time, you have the privileges of Audible membership including access to the Daily Deal and members-only sales. It is a sweet deal.
Current Audible members will receive three credits immediately.
When applying my gift card, I tried to redeem it through the GIFT tab at which gave me an invalid code error. I found that it is imperative that you go to the website address on the gift card:
I still want an Audible gift card that can be applied on account and used to purchase audiobooks. Maybe some day.
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