A dozen years ago today
Twelve years ago today Amazon announced the Kindle 1, forever changing how many readers consume books, newspapers, blogs and more.
Though other companies introduced e-readers before the Kindle, Amazon’s large following and marketing power quickly moved Kindle to the most popular device. The Kindle 1 held 200 medium-length books and sold for $399. The Kindle Store bragged 88,000 titles.
Read the complete Kindle timeline here at a site named ebookfriendly.com


Check out the original webpage for the K1. Read the product overview. If you can download the correct Flash Player you can view videos by Jeff Bezos and authors giving their support for the K1. You can also watch the famous “drop test” (remember that?).


I had forgotten several events that are mentioned in the history and remembered others that weren’t in the timeline. In 2009 skins were all the rage for personalizing the K2.
Blogs were big with the K2 audience. The novelty of getting an update every day when I turned on the Kindle was heady. After just a few weeks the bloom was off the rose. The blogs were stacking up unread and I canceled the subscriptions.
The timeline does not mention the day that games were available on the K2. The Kindle Forum (remember that before Amazon ended it) was all atwitter about the games.
Please share your story with us – about your first Kindle; how the device changed your reading habits or anything you want to tell us about your Kindle experience.