About that one day delivery….
Each fall my husband and I spend several weekends traveling to away games for the local university football team. We have spotted several Amazon 18-wheelers on the interstate. We were behind one at a truckstop that proclaimed on its back doors: There’s more to Prime. A truckload more.
Last Saturday we passed a semi-trailer hauling three smaller delivery trucks with Amazon logos. The company must be prepping for the holiday season.
Several weeks ago winter weather arrived in our state and this Amazon rig didn’t make its destination as planned. The newspaper reported no damage and only a few hours delay.
Have you seen Amazon delivery trucks and/or semi-tractor trailers in the wild? Or in the median?



Throwback Thursday
In recent weeks I’ve been de-cluttering magazines. I admit to leafing through every single one of them before boxing them to pass along. I found this blurb in the May 2009 edition of Bon Appetit. Remember paying $359 for your first Kindle 2?