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Prime deal for veterans and active military
Amazon is offering a very sweet Prime membership deal for all veterans and active military personnel. Now through Monday, November 11, a year of Prime is available for only $79.
If you already have Prime, the deal extends your membership for one year.
Learn more about how Amazon supports the military here.


MacMillan limits sales of ebooks to libraries
MacMillan Publishing, one of the five big publishing houses, has drastically reduced the number of newly-released ebooks to libraries. Under the new process in the first eight weeks after publication only one copy of an ebook is sold to libraries. Prior to the change a library could order limitless copies.
MacMillan defends the action as the first eight weeks being critical to all book sales and that they feel that libraries are cannibalizing sales. Today 45% of MacMillan books are borrowed through libraries. CEO John Sargent says that that number is growing and action had to be taken.
Libraries are not happy with MacMillan’s decision and are seeking remedies. Read more about the controversy here.