Because you own the Kindle edition….Confession time: I’m not a borrower or a frequent library patron. I prefer to own the book. For months I did not bother with Prime Reading. One recent snowy weekend I browsed through the books available.


Because I’m an avid audiobook user, I clicked on the left sidebar option that limited the list to eBooks with Audible Narration. One caught my eye – The Beantown Girls – a novel about young women serving on the front lines of WWII. I clicked on the READ FOR FREE button. Later when I browsed the title at, I could buy the book for only $1.99 – without buying the Kindle version.


Please see the screen snips below for the book Timeless Moments. I borrowed the title through Prime Reading. Audible states that because I own the Kindle edition, I can buy the audiobook for only $1.99. Except that…I don’t own the Kindle Version.



An example of great savings this month is The Handmaid’s Tale. Download it through Prime Reading and the price of the audiobook is $7.49. That’s a significant savings over the regular Audible price and you don’t have to pay $9.99 for the Kindle version.


For any book that is in Prime Reading and has audible narration and has READ FOR FREE in the download option, you can buy the audiobook at the preferred rate as long as the book is in your library.

For any book that is in Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading and has READ AND LISTEN FOR FREE in the download option, you have to use a bit of finesse.


Have two tabs open (one Kindle Store and one Audible) for the book you want to purchase; on the Kindle Store tab click on the READ AND LISTEN FOR FREE button, immediately go to Audible, refresh the screen until the preferred lower rate is displayed and immediately click on the ADD TO CART button.


There is a very narrow window of time between downloading the book in the Kindle Store and Audible downloading it to your library.


The ability to buy the Kindle version at the preferred price may be a fluke that will end. For as long as it lasts, I’ll browse and buy.