Do You Have Great on Kindle Credits?
Last week I wrote about Great on Kindle and the frustration of redeeming credits on another GoK book.
Gerald, a longtime friend of Daily Cheap Reads, sent a note about a book he is reading – and it happens to be a GoK selection:
I normally only read true stories and this seems beyond reality. I cannot comprehend how one person can suffer so much, but it is the secret of her drive to change the wrongs in society…..This book is much better than 5 stars.


Now for the good news, the book Undaunted: Surviving Jonestown, Summoning Courage, and Fighting Back is a GoK title selling for only $1.99. If you have unused credits, this highly recommended true account would be a good choice. Otherwise, it’s just $1.99 to purchase outright. The audiobook is only $1.99, too.
Book Description: Jackie Speier was twenty-eight when she joined Congressman Leo Ryan’s delegation to rescue defectors from cult leader Jim Jones’s Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. Ryan was killed on the airstrip tarmac. Jackie was shot five times at point-blank range. While recovering from what would become one of the most harrowing tragedies in recent history, Jackie had to choose: Would she become a victim or a fighter? The choice to survive against unfathomable odds empowered her with a resolve to become a vocal proponent for human rights.
Deeply rooted in Jackie’s experiences as a widow, a mother, a congresswoman, and a fighter, hers is a story of true resilience, one that will inspire other women to draw strength from adversity in order to do what is right—no matter the challenges ahead.


Free audiobooks for Audible Members
Audible members can score three free titles – one a full-length novel and two shorter listens. This is a limited-time offer, but I do not know the end date. As I write this, the books were pre-order to release today (February 28).
A Mind of Her Own by Paula McLain: From Paula McLain, the best-selling author of The Paris Wife and Love and Ruin, comes a breathtakingly intimate story of the brilliant, willful Marie Curie – a young woman in Paris on the verge of her greatest discovery yet: herself.
Junk by Les Bohem: Set in present-day Los Angeles, Junk explores an epic conspiracy, one at work for thousands of years that involves total takeover of the planet Earth by aliens.
The Demon Next Door by Bryan Burrough: Best-selling author Bryan Burrough (Barbarians at the Gate, Public Enemies, Big Rich) recently made a shocking discovery: The small town of Temple, Texas, where he had grown up, had harbored a dark secret.


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