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The Above the Line Series follows two dedicated Hollywood producers as they seek to transform the culture through the power of film. Buy this popular series bundle by favorite author Karen Kingsbury for only 99 cents today.
The Baxters Take One: Could they change the world—before the world changes them? Filmmakers Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison left the mission field of Indonesia for the mission field of Hollywood with a dream bigger than both of them.
The Baxters Take Two: The producers are gaining respect and are on the verge of truly changing culture through the power of film—but is the change worth the cost?
The Baxters Take Three: Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison set out to change the world with their films—and they are finally seeing their dreams come true. But life takes a sudden turn for Chase, removing him from Jeremiah Productions permanently.
The Baxters Take Four: The new producers find they must truly act as missionaries in order to help save the film, their families, and the young movie star. Breakthroughs take place that the public will never know about, as the possibility of saving the world through film is finally a very real possibility.
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