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Rainbow Six – John Clark series #2 – Terrorism thriller by Tom Clancy – Just $1.99 0 comments

Ex-Navy SEAL John Clark has been named the head of Rainbow, an international task force dedicated to combating terrorism. In a trial by fire, Clark is confronted with a violent chain of seemingly separate international incidents. But there is no way to predict the real threat: a group of terrorists like none the world has ever encountered, a band of men and women so extreme that their success could literally mean the end of life on earth as we know it.
Buy this terrorism thriller by Tom Clancy for only $1.99 today.
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Watchers of Time – An Inspector Ian Rutledge Historical Mystery – $1.99 0 comments

In Osterley, a marshy Norfolk backwater, a man lies dying on a rainy autumn night. His last request baffles his family and friends. Baker, a devout Anglican, inexplicably demands to see the town’s Catholic priest for a last confession. The old man dies without knowing that the priest will follow him to the grave just a few weeks later – the victim of an appalling murder.
The local police are convinced the evidence points to an interrupted robbery, and have named a suspect, Matthew Walsh. But the dead priest’s bishop insists that Scotland Yard oversee the investigation. A simple task for Rutledge, a man not yet well enough to return to full duty.
Rutledge encounters a chain of events that stretches from these brooding marshes to one of the greatest sea disasters in history – the sinking of the Titanic. Rutledge comes to believe that he alone can stop a killer from striking again.
Buy this historical mystery for only $1.99 today.
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A Lady of Expectations and Other Stories – Historical romance – Only 99 cents 0 comments

Buy this bundle of historical romance stories by popular authors for only 99 cents.
A Lady of Expectations: Jack Lester seeks the perfect bride—one who also loves him in spite of his wealth. Which is why he keeps this trifling detail hidden. When Sophie Winterton enters his life, believing he must marry into wealth to run his family’s estate, how will he convince her that she is the woman he desires?
Secrets of a Courtesan: Eve Nightingale thought she had put her past as mistress to the Duke of Welburn behind her. But when the handsome duke strolls into her small village, she finds it hard to keep her secrets concealed…and to keep her heart from stirring for him once again.
How to Woo a Spinster: Still unmarried at twenty-eight, Lady Emmaline Daughtry has resigned herself to spinsterhood. Then Captain John Alistair arrives at her door—the very image of the perfect lover of her most private dreams.
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The Wolf of Wall Street -The extraordinary story of an ordinary guy – $2.99 0 comments

By day he made thousands of dollars a minute. By night he spent it as fast as he could, on drugs, sex, and international globe-trotting. From the binge that sank a 170-foot motor yacht and ran up a $700,000 hotel tab, to the wife and kids waiting at home, and the fast-talking, hard-partying young stockbrokers who called him king and did his bidding, here, in his own inimitable words, is the story of the ill-fated genius they called . . .
The Wolf of Wall Street.
From the stormy relationship Belfort shared with his model-wife as they ran a madcap household that included two young children, a full-time staff of twenty-two, a pair of bodyguards, and hidden cameras everywhere—even as the SEC and FBI zeroed in on them—to the unbridled hedonism of his office life, here is the extraordinary story of an ordinary guy who went from hustling Italian ices at sixteen to making hundreds of millions. Until it all came crashing down . . .
Buy this bestseller for $2.99 today.
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The Ravine – A story of faith, forgiveness, and the restoration of hope – Just 99 cents 0 comments

On a weekday morning in a peaceful suburb of Akron, Ohio, the town awakens to discover that Rachel Turner and her son, Evan, have been brutally murdered during the night. A short while later, Danny Turner is found in his car at the bottom of a ravine, after having taken his own life.
Any explanation as to why a loving father and husband would suddenly commit a series of such heinous crimes has gone to the grave with the accused. The mystery only deepens as the details of the murders emerge, and evidence of premeditation as well as Danny’s hidden past are revealed.
Through Joanna Larson, a fascinating woman who possesses extraordinary spiritual gifts, the truth about the events that took place the night of the murders is unveiled.
Inspired by true events, *The Ravine* is a story of faith, forgiveness, and most of all, the restoration of hope- even for the most seemingly unredeemable among us. Buy it today for only 99 cents.
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Heart of Glass – Irish Angel Series – Inspirational fiction – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Kate Keene’s childhood memories compel her to take her newly-acquired architectural skills to a dilapidated Louisiana mansion. But when she returns to the Reconstruction-era South, she’s shocked to discover the man she’s dreamed of for so long has become a bitter, angry recluse. Colin Delany, the handsome older brother of her best friend, has lost all he once held dear, with no hope of ever restoring the Belle Fleuve mansion and plantation. Filled with spunk and determination, Kate feels it’s her duty to help, so when Colin demands she roll up her drawings and get out, she refuses.
And when Colin forces Kate to promise his dying sister they will care for his niece and nephew, she complies. Having been orphaned herself, Kate realizes she must put the children’s welfare above her own, even if it means a marriage of convenience. But will Colin’s hovering darkness ever lift? And can Kate’s persistent love and faith transform their uncertain future?
Buy this inspirational novel for only 99 cents today.
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The Saddler’s Legacy Collection – Inspirational historical romances – $5.99 0 comments

The Saddler’s Legacy series now available in one volume! Buy the three-book bundle of historical inspirational romance for $5.99 today.
Fairer than Morning: Ann Miller dreams of a marriage proposal from her poetic suitor, Eli – until Will Hanby shows her that nobility is more than fine words.
Sweeter than Birdsong: Music offers Kate Winter sweet refuge from her troubles . . . but when she meets Ben Hanby she discovers that real freedom is sweeter.
Lovelier than Daylight: Susanna Hanby is a lady of principles who values family above all. Johann Giere seems to represent all she despises . . . but appearances can be deceiving.
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Man in the Blue Moon – Historical inspirational fiction – Just 99 cents 0 comments

“He’s a gambler at best. A con artist at worst,” her aunt had said of the handlebar-mustached man who snatched Ella Wallace away from her dreams of studying art in France. Eighteen years later, that man has disappeared, leaving Ella alone and struggling to support her three sons.
While the world is embroiled in World War I, Ella fights her own personal battle to keep the mystical Florida land that has been in her family for generations from the hands of an unscrupulous banker.
When a mysterious man arrives at Ella’s door in an unconventional way, he convinces her he can help her avoid foreclosure, and a tenuous trust begins. But as the fight for Ella’s land intensifies, it becomes evident that things are not as they appear. Hypocrisy and murder soon shake the coastal town of Apalachicola and jeopardize Ella’s family.
You can purchase this historical inspirational novel set in Florida during WW1 for only 99 cents today.
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Experiencing the Words of Jesus – Trusting His Voice, Hearing His Heart by Max Lucado – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Jesus’ ministry on this earth only lasted three and a half years, yet in that time His words turned heads, turned hearts, and ultimately turned the world upside down. The words of Jesus offer much to those who have ears to hear. They are His legacy. They are our heritage. In Experiencing the Words of Jesus, you will have the opportunity to hear His voice for yourself.
The words of Christ—discourses, parables, prayers, conversations. Eminently quotable. Undeniably powerful. Eternally true. Let the message that changed the world change your life forever.
Buy this inspirational book today for only 99 cents.
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Need to give a few gifts? Kindle Fire 8 HD 3-pack – $129.99 0 comments

Buy a three-pack of Kindle Fire HD 8 tablets for $129.99 – just $43.32 each delivered to your door.
• Choose a combo of Black, Marine Blue, Canary Yellow and Punch Red All-New Fire HD 8 (16GB). (Choose which three colors you want – see options on webpage)
• The next generation of our best-reviewed Fire tablet, with up to 12 hours of battery life, a vibrant 8″ HD display, a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, and Dolby Audio. More durable than the latest iPad.
• Now with Alexa, for quick access to the information and entertainment you want. Ask questions, play music, check your calendar, get the news, weather, and more – just press the home button and ask.
• Enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle eBooks, apps and games – including Netflix, Facebook, HBO, Spotify, and more
• Prime members get unlimited access to over a thousand books and magazines, millions of songs, and thousands of movies and TV episodes – at no additional cost
• Watch downloaded videos anywhere with a Prime membership, Netflix plan, or Showtime subscription
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