Upgrading your Kindle
Last week DonnaC dropped a note saying that she is going to upgrade her Kindle reader and asked my opinion on which Kindle device is the best.
Serious readers need to invest in the best tool they can afford to enjoy the hours spent engrossed in great books. I commend DonnaC for recognizing that means a dedicated e-reader. The quality of the resolution and the unique screen lighting is superior to a tablet for hours-long reading.
I don’t recommend the lowest priced Kindle for anyone who is an avid reader. Children and casual readers are good candidates for the low-end Kindle. If you want a second Kindle to throw in the purse or vehicle, it’s a good choice.
Amazon offers three higher quality readers with built-in lighting. To me, the Paperwhite and Voyage are similar, with their outer appearance a major difference.
The Paperwhite surface is glass with a case surrounding. That inset glass is a catch-all for dust and whatever is around. Example: I had my Paperwhite on the table when my husband and I went to breakfast at a local diner. I found donut glaze in the corner later that evening. If you are a neat-nick, this device’s casing might frustrate you.
The Paperwhite is also entirely touch-driven. Without buttons to advance or reverse, it is not always convenient or comfortable. In the winter months when I’m snuggled deep under the covers, swiping a finger across the screen upsets the cocoon I’ve created.
The Voyage is a flat front with solid glass surface that is easier to clean. With buttons (PagePress) on both sides for forward and backward, this device has easier navigatation. The PagePress buttons give a silent haptic response (slight vibration). The screen also accepts touch page turns.
As far as clarity, the resolution is the same in the Paperwhite and Voyage.
I purchased the original Oasis, but do not use it. The device is small and doesn’t have heft or presence compared to the PaperWhite or Voyage. Honestly, you can lose it in a sweater pocket. The viewing screen is the same size as the Paperwhite but the surrounding frame is smaller. I use my Kindle readers without a cover and that may be why I’ve not taken to the Oasis.
The new Oasis has a 7” screen which tells me that readers wanted to see a bigger page. If anyone reading this has the new Oasis, please comment how you like it.
I recommend that that anyone considering a new device visit here to read Amazon’s comparison of the four readers selling now. Scroll down the page to the grid.
Amazon is offering a Black Friday deal on the Paperwhite, cutting the price to $89.99 ($30 savings). The Voyage and Oasis are not listed in their Black Friday week deals.
DonnaC – to answer your question:
If you have budget considerations, the Paperwhite is the best device.
If you are able to purchase any of the three devices, I recommend the Voyage ($199.99).
What device would you recommend to Donna C? Please comment with your preferred device and any words of wisdom, plus or minus, you have about the devices.