Jerry Pournell
Steve A, a loyal follower of our site, sent a note yesterday notifying us that Jerry Pournell, a sci-fi author, had passed away late last week.
Steve gave Mr. Pournelle a wonderful tribute:

Never met the man, but I read him for decades. He influenced my thinking and dreams.

While browsing Wikipedia to learn more, I found this wonderful jewel of Mr. Pournelle’s life:

He is recognized as the first author to have written a published book contribution using a word processor on a personal computer, in 1977.

How cool is it that a sci-fi writer has this honor?
Mr. Pournelle wrote for many years for Byte magazine and penned military sci-fi including collaborations with Larry Niven and Roland J. Green. He began his website in 2000, writing about his two loves – politics and sci-fi.

To honor Mr. Pournelle’s memory two sci-fi anthologies that he edited and contributed to are currently free to download.