This collection bundles the entire 3 volumes of Jerry Jenkins’ popular Soon series together in one e-book, for a great value! Just $4.99 today.
#1 Soon: Paul Stepola, an agent working for the National Peacekeeping Organization (NPO), has been assigned to enforce compliance with the world government’s prohibition on religion. Paul is determined to expose underground religion until his life is turned upside down.
#2 Silenced: Enter the continuing story of double agent Paul Stepola as he works to protect his fellow believers from the government that is trying to eliminate Christians. The underground church is in mortal peril following the apocalyptic events in Los Angeles.
#3 Shadowed: After God intervenes with a miracle of global proportions, the tide is turned on international atheism and the National Peace Organization (NPO). Agent Paul Stepola and his wife Jae are exposed and forced to become international fugitives.
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