Boo Audible!
Amazon via Audible has done it again. I’ve become addicted to audiobooks and have enjoyed more than 700 titles over the last five years. Short stories, children’s books, classics, contemporary favorites, new authors, protracted histories – I’ve listened to all of them.
I also admit to buying Kindle versions of books because the audio version is only $1.99 or $3.99 or some price below $5. My Audible wish list has more than 250 titles – many at great prices for buying the Kindle version – just waiting for me to click them into the shopping cart. Every 4-6 weeks, I shop my wish list to restock the audio library.
I recently clicked on the wish list and found many books are now priced at $7.49. When I purchased the Kindle version, the offer to buy the audiobook did not state a time limit. Usually, I do not buy the audiobook at the same time for two reasons: 1) small purchases on my debit/credit card trigger a fraud alert and 2) I like to read reviews of the audio version before buying.
I contacted a care representative via chat to ask about the price change. The person forwarded my question to marketing, but assured me that some books on my wish list were still $3.99. Is this a diversionary tactic? The rep doesn’t address my concern over price increases, but tells me some books are still $3.99. It’s worth noting that many of those books at the lower price are inspirational fiction.
Today I loaded the shopping cart with over 40 books selling at $1.99 and $3.99 before the price changes. A $7.49 version of an audiobook is no longer a great deal. Amazon may have lost a very good customer – both at Kindle and Audible. They have taken away the incentive to buy the Kindle book to get the audiobook at a great price. My listening addiction may be going on cold turkey.