A long dry spell
It’s been more than a month since I’ve done housekeeping! After Amazon reduced the commissions paid to its associates and we cut back on the number of posts, things appear to be going about as expected. We will continue to adjust as needed through the summer months.
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A solution for me, a dunderhead
Finally! Amazon has heard my plea!
First I must confess that I have books in my Kindle library that I have forgotten I own. I have browsed in the Kindle Store, come upon a book that sounds interesting and clicked on the buy it button. Amazon sends the screen that tells me that records indicate I already own the book. What isn’t said is, “Didn’t you see that light blue stripe across the top of the page telling you when you bought it?” Apparently not.
Finally Amazon has created a way to keep me from trying to buy again.
Great improvement, Amazon! My next request is that I be able to send to a device from this screen.


Which book in which state?
Check out this webpage that lists the most famous book set in each state in America. I wasn’t surprised by the one for my home state or the neighboring states.
For a bit of mental exercise, you might try to guess the book before you look at the list. The selections included classic fiction and contemporary memoirs.