Sensible Sophie Anderson has always known what to do. She knows her role in life: supportive wife and capable mother of two. When her husband announces he’s leaving her for another woman, Sophie impulsively rents a guest cottage on Nantucket, rounds up her kids and leaves Boston for a quiet family vacation, minus one.
Also minus one is Trevor Black, a software entrepreneur who has recently lost his wife. Trevor is the last person to imagine himself, age thirty and on his own, raising a little boy like Leo. Trevor rents a guest house on the beautiful island.
Best-laid plans run awry when Sophie and Trevor realize they’ve mistakenly rented the same house. Still, determined to make this a summer their kids will always remember, the two agree to share the Nantucket house. But as the summer unfolds and the families grow close, Sophie and Trevor must ask themselves if the guest cottage is all they want to share.
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