Welcome to the brand new Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition! Now in its sixth edition, this year’s book is completely updated with incredible new records and the very best images from this year’s most amazing titles. There are exciting news stories and fascinating nuggets of trivia detailing recent and upcoming developments in the world of gaming, along with Top Ten charts ranking the most impressive scores of the very best gaming achievements. Discover a dazzling array of essential facts and figures about record-breaking videogames and the highest-scoring players.
You can also try our entertaining quiz to test just how much you know about the games you love. Other new features include the “Vs” face-off, in which game characters battle one another. There’s also “Flashback”, bringing you insights from gaming in days gone by. Get to know gaming better with our “How to spot this genre” box, and improve your own playing skills by following our “Power Up!” tips and hints. “Wow” will surprise you with remarkable gaming facts, and get “One Up” on other gamers with this dazzling trivia feature.
There are also gaming recommendations, number-based facts, and stunning-looking features about zombies, female gaming icons and game-related movies. Guinness World Records Gamer’s 2013 is the ultimate videogame guide!
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