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Read an E-Book Week
WBD2013Read an E-Book Week is this week, March 3 – 10. Today is World Book Day. Daily Cheap Reads thinks every day is a great time to enjoy a digital book. If you want to celebrate the day or the week, I would encourage you to:
• Read from a genre other than your usual fare
• Try a new author
• Read a classic that you remember from your childhood
• Grab a non-fiction book of a time that interests you
• Try a graphic novel or cartoons on your Kindle
• Buy a Kindle for a friend and share the e-book love
• Encourage a child to read for many days and weeks to come
Book Description Bloopers
Actual descriptions in the Kindle Store, but I won’t embarrass anyone by mentioning the book:
Description: This book tells the story of two second-generation star-crossed lovers facing a hurricane on the Texas coast, hold up in an historic hotel.
My reaction: A hold up! Did the robber get all their money?
Description: Nicolette had been bullied by Jay for most of her school life and that and a few other things had led to her leaving the small town she’d grown up in.
My reaction: That and a few other things have led me to not buy this book.
Description: She winced through the pouring rain as pain shot up through her ankle, at the man who was helping her.
My reaction: I’ve never seen pain shoot up through an ankle at another person. Must be paranormal.sw2
Description: A novel about the afterlife, guardian angels in training and how someone who has passed on interacts with his/her family to bring them piece.
My reaction: Piece? Piece of what? A piece of pie would be heavenly.
Description: In an obscure suburb of Belfast Doctor Morathi Opong, an unorthodox physicist, develops the ability to travel in time and with his college, Tommy Weatherall, arrives in the twenty-sixth century.
My reaction: Travelling with a college has to be cumbersome. And who goes to a college named Tommy?
Description: Someone is brutally murdering innocent women in downtown Toronto. . . A light, fun, and fast paced mystery.
My reaction: Brutal murdering innocent women is light and fun? Those Canadians have a unique sense of humor.
Cheap Reads
The Big Deal Sale ends Sunday. Over 500 books are priced as low as 99 cents each. The three non-fiction books below are all about traveling of some nature and are selling for 99 cents each.