Gone with the Wind
The two ladies who bring you this website grew up on a farm in a rural Midwestern community. Our parents encouraged reading for our entertainment and we didn’t go to the movies like the kids who lived in town.
In the mid-70s, Gone with the Wind was re-released to theaters and our mother told us that it was one of the only movies she had seen as a teen. This was long before movies were readily available through mass-marketed video tapes or DVDs. Even though it had been more than 30 years since she had seen the classic, Mom remembered many details and she expressed a desire to see it again.
The Friday night the movie was showing in town, we jumped in the car, bought tickets at the same theater where Mom had seen it 35 years earlier and were enthralled by Scarlett O’Hara’s story on the big screen. We loved the splendor of Tara, laughed at Prissy’s “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies!”, and agreed that Ashley was a wimp, Rhett was all man and Scarlett wouldn’t have lasted a week in the Midwest.
More than 30 years have passed since that Friday night adventure. Though the details of the movie have faded, I fondly remember the only time that Mom and I went to the movies together.
Margaret Mitchell’s beloved novel, Gone with the Wind was first released in 1936 and just became available for the Kindle earlier this month. You can purchase this nearly 1,500 page tome for $13.99. The sequel to the classic, Scarlett (800+ pages) is selling for $7.99. Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig is a modest 500 pages and sells for $4.99.
Is there a book that evokes memories for you that you would like to have on your Kindle? Tell us about it by posting a comment.
Kindle Fire 2?
Cnet.com is reporting that the Kindle Fire 2 may be ready to launch soon – even as early as July 31. Rumors are that the new 7” tablet will have even better resolution, a camera and volume buttons replacing the touch volume control on the current Kindle Fire.
The article also reports rumors of the new tablet still being priced at $199 with the price of the current Kindle Fire being lowered to $149.
If the Kindle Fire 2 does launch later this summer, it should be a hot item.
You won’t see this happening with a Kindle book
It was used, but it was a first edition. This story in Publishers Weekly mentions that a physical copy of Live and Let Die, the second James Bond book written by Ian Fleming, sold for $21,258, exceeding the $6,000 estimate. That price may be cheap considering that Winston Churchill’s personal copy, with a personal message from Fleming to Churchill, sold for $71,700 in 2002. Are you feeling the need to scavenge through boxes of old books at garage sales now?
More than a dozen James Bond novels are available on the Kindle. None of them are priced cheap, but each is a classic.
Cheap read to pre-order – Painting Naked
Macmillan launched an imprint in 2006 known as New Writing with the aim of discovering superb new novelists writing in all genres. It publishes one novel per month. The perfect-for-the-beach novel here was originally published as Beachcombing in 2009. Hence, the cover has one title while the webpage has another.
Book Description: Jillian Hunter treasures her independence. She’s raised two sons by herself, launched a small business, and restored a tumbledown beach cottage in Connecticut. Finally, at fifty-two, she’s ready for another shot at love, but soon discovers most single men her age prefer women in their twenties. Then a trip to London reunites her with Colin – an old flame she hasn’t seen in thirty-five years – and Jill falls for him all over again. This could be her chance for a new beginning, one she never expected, and certainly not at her age. But Colin isn’t quite the boy Jill remembers and she ends up risking everything she’s worked for – her business, her home, and her two closest friends – to make a life with him. And when faced with the risk of losing Colin as well, Jill is forced to take an uncomfortably close look at the woman she’s allowed herself to become and figure out a way to win herself back.
Funny, sophisticated, and wise, Painting Naked is a coming-of-middle-age story about girlfriends when you’re no longer a girl, about growing up when you’re already grown up, and the price you’re willing to pay for the love of your life. Pre-order this summer read today for $2.98 and receive it on August 1.
Click here to purchase Painting Naked