What I love about my Kindle: Using the dictionary to instantly look up words I don’t know, instead of making a mental note that I should look that word up, but never doing so. Kindle makes me smarter!
Not so much: It’s really hard to skip ahead to see how a book ends, just to make sure the hero saves the day and the guy gets the girl.
Love: Nobody knows what book I’m reading.
Not so much: I can’t see the book cover and sometimes I forget what book I’m reading.
Love: Free books!
Not so much: I have 500 free books in my archive. I can’t stack them in a pile by the bedside in the order I want to read them.
Love: I can make the font size bigger. Not that I need to, of course, but every once in awhile, before bed after I take my contacts out, I may occasionally make the font size bigger. This is no indication that I’m getting older or my eyesight is getting weaker. It just means I want to use all the features on my Kindle. Because I can.
Not so much: I can’t read while taking a relaxing bath for fear of both steam and dropping it in the water.
Love: Highlighting certain passages that I like or want to use in a book review.
Not so much: That moment of panic when I can’t find my Kindle and thinking I didn’t lose a 25 cent paperback I bought at a garage sale, I lost every book I’ve ever purchased in the last two years.
Love Not having to hunt up a book mark and ending up sticking a flier from the carpet store in the book to mark my place.
Not so much: When reading in public, everybody wants to look at it and play with it. Do you mind, I’m reading here?
Love: “Borrowing” a book without having to wonder where the library book has been as I cradle it against my body reading in the recliner.
Not so much: Not being able to skim back through the book to re-check facts. I know this is possible, but it’s not easy.
Love: Tweeting lines of books that I really like and impressing the Twittersphere with my scope of reading.
Not so much: Talking about how much I enjoy my Kindle, then having to listen to someone rant for 20 minutes about how much they love the feel of books and they can’t understand why anyone would give them up.
What do you love about your Kindle? And what is not so much? Leave a comment and tell us.
Cheap Reads for the Summer Solstice
Google reduced the price on several books as a “longest day reading” promotion. Amaazon matched some of those reductions. The question in 2012 is which day really is the longest day – June 20 or June 21? The great price of $1.99 each for the books below may not last very long.