If the book description states. . .
. . . different from any book you have ever read, it means that all grammar, language, and plot structure rules have been abandoned.
. . . complex, interwoven tale, it may mean little or no plot.
. . . for fans of Famous Author, it may mean the book is a knock-off with a familiar plot.
. . . his long awaited book, it may mean he didn’t meet deadlines.
. . . full of twists and turns, it may mean the author wrote herself into a corner and had to get out somehow.
. . . a roller-coaster ride of an adventure, it may mean you will feel nauseous while reading the story.
. . . realistic characters, it may mean they are modeled after family and friends.
. . . written for adult readers, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy it more the older you get.
. . . suspenseful historical paranormal romance, see “full of twists and turns” above.
. . . a born story teller, it may mean the author is a liar.
. . . techno-thriller, it may mean that the technology will go right over your head.
. . . gritty coming-of-age novel, it may mean the protagonist experiences ten times more angst than the average person.
Feel free to leave a comment of any book description phrases that you have given a unique meaning.
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