Divine business plan?
Earlier this week while reading my Bible, I came upon a verse that made me wonder if Amazon has adopted it as their business plan. What do you think?

“I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!” –Luke 12:49 New American Standard Bible

Settlement near in the agency model collusion case
According to this article on CNET.com’s website, Apple and some of its major publication partners are negotiating a settlement with the Department of Justice after the DoJ threatened to sue the companies for collusion in pricing e-books. See related Housekeeping post.
The article quotes sources as saying that Amazon and consumers will gain the most from a settlement. Cowen & Co. analyst Jim Friedland believes that Amazon stands to gain upward of $1 billion in revenue.
A settlement may be reached in a “couple of weeks.” E-book prices might be lower by the time the summer reading season arrives.
Books pulled from the Kindle Store
This week two books we featured in our posts have become unavailable in the United States Kindle Store. The webpages state “Pricing information not available.”
Both of these books (Amelia Peabody Omnibus and Last Seen in Massilia) were offered at great prices by Robinson, a publisher in the United Kingdom. Robinson holds the publishing rights for these two authors/books in the United Kingdom, but apparently not the United States.
The good news is that if you pre-ordered the Amelia Peabody Omnibus that was scheduled to be downloaded on May 17, the four-book-bundle was sent to your Kindle yesterday (April 4) afternoon. I did not pre-order Last Seen in Massilia, so I don’t know if those pre-orders will be or have been honored. If you did pre-order the book, let us know the outcome.
Kindle en Español
A new Spanish-language e-book store opened today within the Amazon.com Kindle Store, “eBooks Kindle en Español.” U.S. customers can now shop for Spanish-language books in the new store, or set any Kindle device to access a customized shopping experience designed for books in Spanish and access help pages in Spanish. The store has over 30,000 titles in total.
Cheap Read
The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has a Flat Stomach: And Other Annoying People ($2.99) You know that overprotective PTA mom who needs to be resuscitated after she finds out you fed her son a hotdog? Or that couple who sends out the annual holiday letter about how their little Timmy came up with an alternative to fossil fuels while you’re proud of simply replacing the lint catcher in your dryer once a year? You’ll meet them again in Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry’s laugh-out-loud compendium. Allison and Perry take on soccer moms, video dads, rabid gardeners, and grating couples in this collection of short, punchy essays.
Less-than-perfect moms and dads everywhere will be sure to relate to the authors’ portraits of the most annoying people around!