Laurie sent us a note to tell us about one of her favorite books that she found in the Kindle store at a greatly reduced price. When asked, she wrote a wonderful review, too. Thanks, Laurie!
Though Lois McMaster Bujold may be best known for her Hugo-winning science fiction Vorkosigan novels, she also wrote a wonderful trio of connected fantasy novels, set in a complexly imagined world where unexpected heroes (and heroines) discover the depth of their own strength and interactions with the gods have intense, thought-provoking, and wide ranging effects.
The Curse of Chalion is the first book of the three (followed by Paladin of Souls ($7.99) and The Hallowed Hunt ($6.99)) and one of my favorite novels in any genre. I was beyond delighted to discover it was available for only $.99 — the only problem is that you will want to go buy the other novels at full price, even though each of them can stand alone!
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