Because you asked so nicely. . .
Somedays I just amaze myself. Several of you requested that I add a Amazon gift card widget to our site. You purchase the gift cards to avoid those pesky 99 cent charges on your credit card and the fraud alerts triggering. Sunday evening I remembered that I was going to attempt to get it there without either 1) taking down the site or 2) having to emergency text our IT support.
If you look on the right sidebar, just below the categories, you will see my handiwork. The site didn’t go down, Jeff in IT enjoyed a text-free evening, and the link works. If you need a gift card, just click the widget and you will be connected to the gift card page on Amazon.
Your stories and comments about your Kindles
Your stories of your Kindles, how you first acquired yours, how you love the device, and how you tell the world about your Kindle were heartwarming and uplifting. Go here to read the comments and stories.
Lisa Lawless shared a particularly touching story and has given permission to share her remarks here:

Last April, my husband was on his way home from work when he was hit from behind by a drunk driver. After a sleepless night of wondering where he was, we found out that he had been airlifted to a hospital over 2 hours from our home.

My children and I packed our bags and drove to where he was. For over two weeks, every day we would take a shuttle from our hotel to the ICU floor, camping out for twelve hour stretches and watching over my husband as he tried to regain consciousness from his brain injury.

My kids, ages 10 and 8 at the time, were completely bored sitting in the waiting room all day. They quickly tired of the books I had brought to entertain them, and I knew buying more heavy books was not the answer. My back was killing me by then. So on our fifth night, I asked the shuttle driver to stop by Target on our way back to the hotel. I bought a Kindle.

I thought I would learn how to use the Kindle, and then give it to my kids to share. Well, funny how that works because by the time I figured out how to use it, I knew it was going to be mine. We went back to Target and got a Nintendo DSi for my kids so that I could keep my Kindle. Even though this horrible car accident has been the worst thing to ever happen to my family, I can say one good thing came from it. My Kindle. I’m not sure if I would have ever gotten a Kindle if I hadn’t been stuck hours from home with two kids to entertain and my poor back about to go out on me.

It has only been 9 months since we became Kindlers, but now we are proud owners of 4 Kindles: two Kindle keyboards and two Kindle Fires. My husband’s brain injury has made it difficult for him to read, so the larger font choices on a Kindle are priceless to him. And yes, my kids each have their own Kindle now. 🙂

One more thing about the third anniversary of my Kindle
This past weekend, while Tiger removed and replaced a 100-year-old door on our home, I sorted through boxes of accumulated stuff. My 2009 day planner was tucked in a box. I can dawdle with the best and took a few minutes to see what was on the schedule back then. There between the pages on the week I received my Kindle was the black paper wrapper from the power cord. Somehow I knew that the Kindle would be important in my life.
If you pre-ordered. . .
The Duchess of Love by Sally MacKenzie ($1.99): Darla did a bit of research and found that this is a novella and the prequel to Ms. MacKenzie’s next book Bedding Lord Ned (pre-order for $5.59, release June 5).
The 500 (free): The publisher originally had this posted as the novel, but it is only a preview sample.
If you pre-ordered either of these and do not want them now, go to the Manage Your Kindle page and select pending deliveries item to cancel.
Cheaper than a dollar
The three books below are selling for 55 cents each: